All products are unique biodegradable handmade island casual handbags and Sandals.


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Your unique product island style .

Customizable designer handbags either w shoulder strap or rich Mahogany handles.

Handmade Island Casuals Sandals

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New sizes in sandals mens 12-13 in !

Sand Soul Island,Hand bags and Sandals

Designer Handbags & Island Casual Handmade Sandals
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About Us

Several years ago while travelling through the islands and countries of Southeast Asia we came upon many small vendors in bazaars and various open air markets. Many were already fixtures at their weekend events. Finally, in the northern region a generous vendor shared the shoemaker's contact information. The shoemaker we found out went by the moniker, Guru.In the grasslands that made up much of the Guru's home province we met and quickly ordered our first shipment a few years ago. For twenty years he crafted all kinds of


More recently

 he has designed shoes that reflected the flora of the hills and forests near his home. He welcomed us as his brother and sister with the idea that people overseas would also enjoy wearing his sandals. Next we travelled south  and connected  on our third trip with small shopkeepers who introduced us to local abaca weavers that loved crafting natural bags with mahogany handles,  as well as,

shoulder strapped full sized abaca bags.Abaca in earlier times has also been called Manila hemp.

Additionally, as a consumer oriented online business, we agreed to stock our 

stateside warehouse so you can easily order various bags and sandals sized 7-10 for ladies and 7-13 for men.

We are your Sand Soul Island. 


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